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Cash Management Online
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Cash Management Services
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Ocean Bank has added maximum security protection to our Automated Clearing House (ACH) service. Now, it’s safer than ever to make payments and receive funds electronically. You also eliminate check writing and decrease the time you wait to receive payments through the mail. With ACH you can:
  Pay your employees using direct deposit
  Automatically collect payments from your customers, tenants or others that you collect
funds from on a regular basis
  Transfer funds to Ocean Bank from your accounts at other financial institutions
Lockbox Services
Let Ocean Bank process your payments receipts. When the payments are mailed to Ocean Bank’s payment post office box, your business eliminates a lot of manual work. Deposits to your account are immediate making cash available quickly and efficiently. Our lockbox services are not just for companies with high remittance volume. Companies that collect just a few checks a month can benefit too. Digital imaging capabilities provide you with the level of detail you need to get the control you need to manage your accounts receivable. Features of our lockbox services include:
  Support of MICR and OCR barcodes
  Database of payers
  Electronic and credit card payments
  Reporting summaries and details with deposit imaging services to meet your needs
Positive Pay
Protect your accounts with automated check fraud prevention. Checks presented for payment at Ocean Bank are matched against information you upload as frequently as once a day, including account number, check number, issue date and payment amount. If the check does not match the information you provided, you receive an exception notification and can view an electronic check image to decide whether the check should be paid or returned.
Positive Pay also features these benefits:
  Research paid and returned checks
  Generate customer reports that summarize check payment history with customized
level of detail
  Retrieve digital images of paid checks with just one click
  Set up approval levels for issues and exceptions based on criteria you establish
  Change online the issue and void status of checks
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Wire Transfer
Move funds with speed and security from any Ocean Bank account to any domestic or international account. Send a single payment order or set up wire templates. All detail related to your transfers is stored in your personalized database, so it makes it easy to recall the template you need to wire funds. Whether you’re a frequent user or wire funds only occasionally, Ocean Bank makes it easy and safe.
Remote Deposit Capture
Expedite check processing and deposits. Remote Deposit Capture makes it possible for you to make deposits from your office without having to visit a branch. Deposited checks are scanned and the images are electronically transmitted to the bank via the Internet. With Remote Deposit Capture you can expect:
  Completely secure process
  Time and money savings (No more trips to the bank)
  Decreased paperwork
  Later deposit deadlines – any deposit submitted before 5:00 PM on a business day
will be posted that day
For a complete description of Ocean Bank’s Cash Management Services, click here.
For additional information on our Cash Management products, services and fees,
please call our Customer Service Center at 305-569-5000.
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