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Opportunity is Everywhere. Conduct business globally. Trade Finance.
Make the Most of Global Opportunities
International Services
If you transact business with Latin America, you'll benefit from Ocean Bank's experience and expertise in global financial solutions. We work with you to understand your business and methods of operation to help you streamline financial transactions and structure the right financing. Let us put our expertise and experience to work for you.
Correspondent Banking
Confirm and finance letters of credit issued by
Latin American banks, as well as obtain
pre-export financing.
Trade Financing
Facilitate the importing and exporting of
goods through the issuance of commercial
letters of credit.
Acceptance Financing
Offer your importers extended payment terms
through the issuance of bankers acceptances.
Commercial Letters of Credit
Finance your inventory with a commercial
letter of credit.
Stand-By Letters of Credit
If you are an importer, guarantee payment to
the seller of the goods or services you receive.
Foreign Exchange Services
Render payment in a foreign currency or
hedge foreign currency.
Documentary Collections
Mitigate risk when purchasing inventory from
foreign markets through the bank to bank
processing of documentation.
Ex-Im Bank Credit Facilities
Export your U.S.-made goods or services to
international markets with a payment
guaranteed by the U.S. Ex-Im Bank.
   For more information on our International Banking services, call 305-569-5436.
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