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repare now to stay safe and secure during a storm.
Storm Preparation
Put your plans in place now for hurricane season. Ocean Bank is here to help you prepare to weather the storm with the banking products and services you need to protect your finances.
As a service to our customers and community, Ocean Bank branches and ATMs are equipped with generators to facilitate normal operations in the event of power outages.
Preparation Tips:
Keep Cash On Hand
Before the storm hits, visit your Ocean Bank branch and withdraw cash from your account. When the power is out, local businesses may not be able to accept and process credit and debit card payments. Keeping cash on hand will ensure you can make essential purchases.

Make The Most of Mobile Banking,
Online Banking and Bill Pay
Avoid driving to the bank to handle your routine banking transactions. With mobile banking and online banking, you can check account balances, transfer funds between eligible accounts*, and handle routine banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your home computer. With Mobile Banking you can deposit checks, too. Add the convenience of bill pay and you can fulfill your commitments to your creditors and avoid late fees – even if you can’t get to the post office to mail your checks.

Sign Up for a Debit Card
Save your cash-on-hand
for emergencies and use
your Debit Card to obtain
cash at ATMs and make
purchases anywhere in
the world where Mastercard® is accepted.

Store Valuables in a Safe Deposit Box
Open a safe deposit box
to store your important
documents, like tax
returns, investment
statements, deeds and
legal contracts. Having a
permanent place for
these valuables will avoid having to remember where you stored them – and you’ll be sure
they are always safe and secure.
Hurricane Preparation Tips for Businesses:
Businesses can more easily weather the storm by taking advantage of the convenience and security of Mobile Banking, Online Banking and Bill Pay, too. Plus, be prepared to transact business whether the power is out or not, and whether your customers want to pay with cash, or credit or debit cards:
If the power is out at your business, you may not be able to
process credit and debit card payments. Keeping cash on hand
  will ensure you can transact business with cash-paying customers, and make your own purchases, too.
If the power is not out at your business, be prepared to process credit and debit cards. Remember that before and after a storm, the media is likely to advise people to hang on to their cash for emergencies, so finding a business that can accept other forms of payment is important to consumers. Setting up a merchant services relationship now will ensure transaction continuity during a storm period.
Store valuables in a safe deposit box.
Prepare and update a list of employees to include phone number, cell phone, email,
closest relatives contact information and where they would most likely evacuate.
Prepare a regular customer list of phone numbers and emails so you can notify them about
the status of your business.
Prepare a list of clients scheduled for appointments over a 10 day period. Include telephone
numbers and email addresses so you can notify them in the event your business is closed.
Prioritize what you need to take with you and what will stay in your business location;
take these items with you:
  - Backed up computer files
- Permits
- Tax returns
- Payroll tax information
- Contact cell phone numbers for accountant and other vendors/suppliers
- Insurance papers and agency’s contact information
Post a sign in the window or door of your business with a cell phone number in case someone
needs to call you regarding an emergency at your business.
Prepare a list of local media to contact once your business is re-opened after the storm
has passed.
  *Certificates of Deposit are not eligible for transfers or loan payments. Account related fees and restrictions may apply.
Refer to the Bank’s Schedule of Fees and Service Charges.
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